My DIY project

I am the DIY Queen in my house! I love tools and challenges. A while ago, I used to make dolls, hair accessories and jewellery. Also, dresses, costumes and I loved it!

Two months ago I was desperate to have an ottoman but they were (still) a bit out of budget for me. In a moment of desperation I decided to make my own! I can honestly say that it was easier than I expected, apart from the handsaw cutting. I took a few photos of this project, very rough photos as I was so excited to have it done that I could not spend time working on it. There isn’t a step by step but if you are really interested, I can send the details to you. My aim is to inspire people to make their own furniture!! Well, not really! It’s to show off my gorgeous ottoman! Made from a piece of wood that I was going to throw away. My total spent was £70, a bargain! Compare to the £290 ones that are similar to mine.

I hope you enjoy!



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