Why should I have my photos taken?


My gorgeous friend Francesca.

I want to talk about how important it is to be in photographs.

I recently have come to the realisation that I won’t exist forever and I won’t look like I look right now in the future, unless I win the lottery and go under the knife of a cosmetic surgeon, even though there is no guarantee.

I believe that every women must exist in photographs to their loved ones and to themselves. I love to look good, it makes me feel good, it makes me look after myself and care about my health, I feel feminine and strong, I feel powerful and capable of doing everything with love and gratitude. Having a portrait to celebrate it is priceless.

I know that some people, when they see selfies or portraits of  beauty shoots, specially those with normal women like me and most of us, they immediately think: Why would someone like to have pictures of themselves? Well, I can answer that and the reasons are innumerable.

Fist of all, every day we are bombarded with images of fabulous women in the media, cover magazine girls, singers, actresses, models and even that girl next door who is stunning, are always in our faces. Deep inside we want to look that good too! I know it because I am a woman and we are like that. Lets just be clear, it is not jealousy or any kind of negative feeling, only admiration! Obviously, without being naive and also a lot of good sense, because we all know that retouching is widely used.

Then, when we look at the mirror and feel so great that we need to take a selfie for example and we feel like a super model, we want to have that photo all over the place, because it feels so good! Even if we are not in our best shape but love how we feel inside.

Suddenly you turn 30, 40, 50, 60 and more, you look at yourself and want to keep that moment forever, for you and for your loved ones. The moment that will not be the same again and a time that has lots of meaningful memories.

You are at work and fighting your place in the sun, balancing career and personal life, wishing for a break to just look at yourself.

You have kids and most of the time you are rushing, driving them everywhere, cooking, cleaning, shopping groceries, sleeping while standing and all the duties that motherhood involves, but you are still the daughter, that girl with big dreams who only wants to be a girl for 5 minutes or maybe a sexy-super-woman.

It boost self esteem which is an important ingredient for a successful life.

And it is so fun to be pampered and have a makeover once in a while, like when we were children playing to dress up.

I have heard people say that having portraits taken is vain, but for those I just feel sorry! The reality is that a portrait of yourself is a gift for life, is a treasure to your family and to the ones who love you. And most important of all, taking a beautiful portrait of yourself is one of the most empowering experiences that a person could ever have, the feeling of such experience is beyond explanation. I have had clients who started a new career after the photoshoot and they have said to me, looking in my eyes that it changed their lives for the best and all due to their confidence boost.

So, what is the conclusion? I conclude that we should stop hiding from the camera and start to celebrate life, be there, be present and cheer your achievements, your wrinkles and grey hairs because everyone deserves to exist in photographs. Also, there is nothing wrong in loving ourselves to the point that we need to have a “model look like” photograph hanging on our wall. It only shows how confident we are in our own skin, it doesn’t matter the age we are, the size we are or what we have gone through our lives.

Just be there!

To you all, I wish a wonderful week!

Lots of love




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