My new vanity mirror

I had been dreaming to have one of these mirrors for quite a while. I think they are so fun and so “artistic”, putting make up on in front of it is just amazing! Believe me!

And  I finally got one! Well I actually made one for myself. It might seem crazy but I couldn’t find a decent one at an affordable price, after some research I decided to have a go and make it.

I would not say it was easy but the result compensated all the handsaw and screw  I had to do. Also the electrical part is just for those who understand and having 2 brothers who were really into electric things helped me a lot. If you don’t know, ask someone, please don’t connect cables randomly!!

Here it is, just a little step by step of how I made it. …The  best part of it is that IT WORKS!!


Doesn’t it look beautiful!?


Some scrap “wood”, 2 shelf brackets from Ikea and those metallic things ( I don’t know the name) that I found on B&Q.


Lights(and bulbs) from Ikea and wires, plugs and switches from B&Q.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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