My name is Mireya, I live in Bristol, UK.

I am a portrait photographer specialising in women.

My passion for arts probably started when I was born. As soon as I could hold a crayon, my bedroom’s walls were never empty, boring or plain.  Ask my mum!

I used to photograph my work, trying lighting hacks and backdrops all the time. When I bought that super camera I was overwhelmed with the possibilities and then I started my journey of passion into the “portrait world.” I have done some amazing photography courses and workshops and I have been mentored by Sue Bryce, in my opinion,  one of the most talented photographers in the world.

A while ago I did oil painting and I was lucky to have had classes with the amazing, Francisco Maringelli. At my time learning from him, I was able to open my eyes and heart  for portraits and the human figure. Working with a brush , using light and shadows to enhance expressions have been with me since then.

I also love flamenco dance! I spent  5 years learning this beautiful art. I studied Illustration and Advertising Design and I used to work as a freelance.

eublogprofilePhotographs for me, are a document, a magic tool. With it we can revisit the past, the loved ones who live far away, the loved ones who have gone. It is a treasure for life, for our family and friends. I have only one photograph of myself when I was a baby and that photo has brought laughs and tears of joy to me and my family. It has no price!

Browse around my blog and enjoy my work!




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