Leti (1)

“As a photographer I am used to be behind the camera so I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable and confident Mireya made me feel. And the photos are gorgeous, something to treasure for life. Thank you!”

Leticia – Photographer, wife and mum of three.



Fran (4)

                                                                                                                                                                            “Great experience! Mireya made me feel special.The pictures she took are just what I wanted. Thank you so much!”

Francesca – Business owner, wife and mum of two.




AnaW (12)


“I had my photo shoot with Mireya, this in itself was a very exciting experience. Mireya was very good in giving me directions and ensured I was at ease with the poses. The outcome of my pictures were fantastic and so hard to choose from. I can only say, treat yourself to a lovely day!”

Ana – Business owner, wife and mum of two



 Dani (21)

“I had the privilege to be photographed by Mireya during my pregnancy and later with the whole family. Although I am terrible at posing , somehow she made a miracle with her talent and skills ,and my pregnancy photos were amazing! For the family shoot, my daughter was so naughty , but even though, Mireya, with her infinite patience, managed to take photos where my little monkey looked like an angel!”

Irie – Wife and mum of two, waiting the 3rd.

solange (6)


“When I think about the photo shoot that I had with Mireya and all the pleasant preparation, I wish to repeat it a few more times. It is delightful to have someone taking good care of me and making me feel and look pretty. The experience evoked on me a feeling of enjoyment and gave me a  self-worth injection. Mireya’s talent took the best out of me and all with lots of fun! Sometimes we need a challenge like this to remind us that our beauty still there. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

 Solange –  Wife and mum                                       


printslayla (1)

“After having my photo session with Mireya,    I realized that her work is not just about recording beautiful memories but most importantly, it boosts our confidence. It is about realizing that we are beautiful inside and out. I noticed that in all Mireya’s work everyone is so natural and happy, I believe that it comes from her ability to make her clients look stunning, comfortable and proud of themselves as the session progresses. I completely recommend it as a life experience!”

Layla – Cake Designer, wife and mum

shirley (3)

                                                                                                                                                                          “Thanks to Mireya, the photo shoot was a great experience for me. After becoming a mum and living my life around my 3 year-old son, I wasn’t feeling beautiful. The photo session made me wake up and now I am feeling amazing!”

Shirley – Stylist, wife and mum

Pam (7)1

                                                                             “My photo shoot was the most amazing day, I truly felt like a princess and I enjoyed every minute! There’s nothing like having your photo taken by a professional like Mireya, she knows how to get the best of you, and with a professional make-over as part of
the experience you can be sure that you’ll look amazing! I’m so happy to have had an experience like this. I think that every woman deserves it. Being Diva for a day gave me the opportunity to see how beautiful I am!                                                                                                               Thank you Mireya for a truly delightful day!!!”

Pamela – Student, wife and mum


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